Outstanding Seniors in the Arts Video

Worcester Public Schools' 2016 Class of Outstanding Seniors in the Arts were recognized on Friday, May 6th at a ceremony and luncheon in their honor at the Worcester Public Library. These students are selected not only for their hard work and mastery of artistic concepts but also their dedication to the development of the arts pathways at their schools. Congratulations to these students, their teachers and families.

Burncoat High School

Elisander Rivera-Sanchez - Music
Sivan Amir - Theater
Calista Burgos - Dance
Laurana Nyman - Visual Arts

Claremont Academy

Bryan Feliz - Music
Tiffany Polanco - Visual Arts

Doherty Memorial High School

Thomas Dang - Music
Liz Flynn - Theater
Moniroath Nam - Visual Arts

North High School

Javier Cotto-Carreras - Music
Zachary Tormey - Theater
Sabrina Martino - Visual Arts

South High Community School

Rachel Anderson - Music
Katherine MacInnes - Visual Arts

University Park Campus School

Johnny Bui - Theater
Lillian Johnson- Visual Arts

Worcester Technical High School

Jessienyia Climes-Rivera - Music
Darius Wright - Theater